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Teens & Adults Karate Classes

Our adult classes are ages 12 and over. This class provides training that teaches strong martial arts basics for beginners, as well as more of the involved tactics of self defense, forms (kata), and free sparring for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Students may attend 3 classes per week and 2 Saturday classes per month.

Mon. 7:15 P.M  Adult Karate Class  Ages 12 & Over

Wed. 7:15 P.M  Adult Karate Class  Ages 12 & Over

Thurs. 7:15PM Adult Karate Class  Ages 12 & Over

1st & 3rd Saturday of ea. month 10:30AM


"DON'T BE A VICTIM" let us show you how simple it is to defend yourself. "Self Defense Made Simple" is a self-defense system designed so that anyone can benefit from it, NOT ONLY MARTIAL ARTISTS!. It is an efficient & effective method of personal protection, demonstrating a few of the basic techniques needed to separate you from your attacker


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